Cold Room Construction

Cold Room Construction

This page shows a very large cold room being constructed with pictures having been taken at every stage of the project.

Cold Room Design

Cold Room Designs Hampshire
Cold Room Design Hampshire

The cold room components were procured, constructed and prepared to a set of specifications and drawings agreed with the customer, their main contractor and their advisors. Careful planning and preparation is crucial as this is a huge cold room (110m x 75m) divided into a number of different sections each at a different temperature. Shown are parts of the specification drawings.

Cold Room Site

Cold Room Site Hampshire
Cold Room Construction Site Hampshire

This is what the site looked like before we started putting in the floor and the insulated panels.

Cold Room Build

Cold room build Hampshire
Cold Room Builders Hampshire
Cold Room Builds Hampshire
Cold room building Contractors Hampshire

We have a team of 8 on site building this very large cold room.  Despite the size and complexity of the task we will have finished it within 3 months because of our experience.  The pictures show the insulated panels being installed.  Note the roof structure which will provide anchors for the internal insulated walls separating the different temperature zones.

A great company to deal with. Very professional.

Guy Jones 5/5 rating