Cold Room Installations

Custom Cold Rooms

Waterside Installations design, build, install, extend and maintain custom cold rooms to meet your cold storage requirements.  We have delivered cold rooms ranging from under 8 square metres to over 8000 square metres in floor area.  We can make cold rooms to any size, shape and specification.  We have even built mobile cold rooms on trailers.

Cold Room Design

Cold Room Design Design Hampshire

We design, build and install custom cold rooms to meet our customers exact requirements.
We will either build and install to a customer’s specification or design the cold room ourselves after discussion with the customer.

Cold Room Manufacture

Cutom cold room parts Hampshire

Once the specification has been agreed the components are either manufactured in our workshop or sourced from reputable suppliers.
We ensure the highest quality whether the components are either manufactured by us or bought in.

Cold Room Installation

Cold Store Construction Hampshire

Our skilled team of installers then deliver the parts to the customer’s site and then build the cold room.
Custom cold rooms can be built either within an existing building or as an extension to a building.

Technical Specifications

We generally build cold rooms from fire rated PIR wall and ceiling panels.  These panels provide a particularly effective solution in cold environments where internal temperatures are between 0°C and -40°C and where fire resistance, excellent thermal insulation and hygiene are essential.

Panels are finished with steel facings with a wide range of coatings available including Foodsafe laminate/polyester, PVF2 and HPS200.

The panels have high performance male / female interlocking metal facings to provide a secure and consistent joint detail. The interlocking joint, sealed with silicone, encapsulates the core ensuring total parity and a continuous anti-bacterial barrier.

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