Cold Rooms FAQs

Are All Cold/Clean Room Materials Suitable For Exposure To External Environments?

No, certain types of materials (e.g. HP200, Leathergrain or sheet metal) are required to withstand exposure to external weather conditions. 


Can Chillers Be Changed To Freezers?

Yes, if the existing floor and wall insulation are effective enough to hold the required lower temperature for a freezer.   Floors can be added to if required but walls will generally need replacing.  Heater tapes will be needed to be placed around doors to prevent them from freezing shut.  


Can Damaged Insulated Panels Be Replaced Without Disrupting Our Business?

Yes, walls and roofing can be removed with minimum disruption and new panels fitted.  We are very experienced at repairing and extending cold rooms whilst they remain in use. 


Can Freezers Be Changed To Chillers?

Yes, as freezers are designed to hold a lower temperature. 


Can New Floors Be Installed?

Yes, we can lay down concrete,  altro, insulated, resin or aluminium chequer plate flooring as required.  New flooring may be required to replace damaged flooring or for conversion to a freezer. 


Can You Make An Existing Doorway Bigger?

Yes, we can create a larger opening within existing panels as well as supplying larger doors for the opening.  The larger doors can be sliding or hinged as required to accommodate forklift trucks or whatever access is necessary. 


Should Doors Require Internal Release Mechanisms?

Yes, this is vital for health and safety considerations so that personnel can always quickly exit the cold room or freezer at any time.